Never to cold to Hoop
Always remember to dress
warm and wear you favorite
furry animal hat
Collapsible Hula Hoop
Vegas or Vail you can take you
Where is the best place you
have ever hooped??
Vail Colorado 2013
Usually I'm Selling Sea Shells By The Sea Shore in San Diego
but this winter I'm going to Colorado to play in the snow and be
a mountain mermaid untill April 2013.  Don't worry California I
will be back in mid-April at my usual palces OB Farmers Market,
And The Green Flash in Pacific Beach
I'm Taking plenty of shells with me so I have enough product for
winter.  Shipping orders out daily.  
AND....Lots of Hooping in the Snow
If your located in the Denver or Vail area call to book a house
party or hula hoop event.  Birthday Parties, Office Get Together,
Girls Night Out, Fitness Classes.  Great Workout and will put a
smile on everyones face.
Hula Hoops
Sea Shell Rings
Starfish Hair Clips
Hemp Headbands
Shell Ornaments
Hooded Scarfs
Shell Earrings
Please call with all custom orders
Melayni (724) 413-1100
Domestic and International Shipping Available